On the podcast this week, I'm joined by Dave Robinson, co-founder of the iconic Stiff Records, the label which turned the music business on its head with its anarchic, leftfield approach to promoting its bands and artists. Stiff signed names including Madness, The Pogues, The Damned, Elvis Costello, Kirsty McColl, Nick Lowe and Ian Dury, but Dave's also known for tour managing Jimi Hendrix, running Island Records and putting together 'Legend' , the Bob Marley compilation. He's still managing and promoting new bands, but the car and tune for his Ultimate Road Trip includes a couple of his old favourites.

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The five elements that make up the Ultimate Road Trip...
1. What's the car - make, model, colour
2. Why that car
3. Destination......anywhere
4. Passenger
5. Seminal soundtrack

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